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Kern Lewis
Kern Lewis- He holds an MBA in general business management from Harvard Business School and a BA in economics from Stanford.
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21st Century Marketing

The Digital Age has delivered an incredible expansion of marketing tools that offer organizations of all sizes significantly enhanced channels of communications to their targeted market segments.

The issue is never “can I reach my customer”. It is “how do I create a unified yet affordable program out of all the tools available?”

Here are some of the concepts that guide my thinking:

Brand Development and Management
Buzz Branding levels the playing field
Building a strong brand has always been time consuming and expensive. Small and mid-sized companies cannot match resources with competitors like Proctor and Gamble or American Express in traditional media. You can, however, create focused campaigns that create powerful “local” brands in the communities you wish to target by leveraging digital media strategies in combination with local traditional media tools.

Marketing Planning
Tactics get you nowhere without sound strategy
Small and medium-sized businesses don’t usually fail through lack of effort. They can fail, however, from lack of strategic focus. Focus comes from a well-thought-out marketing plan (which in turn comes from a good, coherent business plan!). This eliminates “attractive distractions” that have merit on their own, but not in relation to your plan. Sticking to your plan saves money and time, and puts you miles ahead of your competition. Everyone struggles with focus, after all!

Digital Media Tools
The New Socialism
The explosion of digital tools has truly leveled the playing field. They are affordable, scalable and nimble, allowing smaller companies to compete more effectively with the “big boys”. Social networking and keyword campaigns, for instance, are both highly focused tools that get you right to the communities that you wish to own. The only trade-off: Doing it right takes a lot of time and dedication (and a good content strategy).

You get the idea. A good coherent strategic marketing plan that leverages all the tools available, new and old, will save you time and money in the long run. If you don’t have a solid strategic plan, let’s get started on building one!

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