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Kern Lewis
Kern Lewis- He holds an MBA in general business management from Harvard Business School and a BA in economics from Stanford.
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Past Projects for GrowthFocus and Kern Lewis

Description: BTLogoCMYK copy.jpg Bovo-Tighe LLC

Problem: No principal had time to focus on marketing. Sales and lead development functions were sound, but lead generation was haphazard.

Solution: Develop a strategic plan focused on raising Bovo-Tighe industry profile as “thought leader” using content development and publishing. Establish social media presence, improve e-mail communications and introduce trade shows as a lead generator.

Results: Industry profile has led to faster sales cycle due to improved public profile. Lead generation via improved past client communication and trade show presentations looks to land $2 million in new business.

Description: BitSpeed Logo.jpg BitSpeed LLC

Problem: Software start-up needed a full marketing function on a limited budget, to support launch and court investors.

Solution: Create unified branding and style guide.  Develop and deliver consistent, professional communications to prospect lists. Create high-quality sales support materials for both trade shows and one-on-one sales calls.

Results: At the end of 2011, BitSpeed booked the most business ever, and have a solid pipeline of prospects ready to close in 2012.

Description: SBIG logo.jpg SBIG Astronomical Instruments

Problem: Life Sciences company Aplegen had just bought astronomical camera manufacturer SBIG, and needed to “re-launch” that brand, supported by new product releases.

Solution: Remix the marketing, adding social media, blogging, online advertising and e-mail communications to the traditional print ad schedule. Update website to improve shopping experience.

Results: Sales in Q4 2011 exceeded forecast by 15%.

CMG Mortgage CMG Mortgage

Problem: Launch new loan product with limited budget

Solution: Business –to-business buzz marketing campaigns, robust agent sales training program, strong brand development, alliance marketing initiatives.

Results: Grew loan sales to $1 billion over three years, recruited over 10,000 loan agents to sell the product, established a new loan category branded with CMG product name.

Basque Global Initiative Basque Global Initiative

Problem: Basque “brand” is negatively associated with terrorist activity.

Solution: Create strong positive brand positioning and supporting messages to counter negative news media coverage of terrorist events.

Results: Developed a Brand Strategy recommendation that was presented to the government of the Basque Autonomous Region for consideration and funding.

Central Sales and LeasingCentral Sales and Leasing

Problem: Limited promotional budget for formal customer acquisition and retention programs

Solution: Replace expensive traditional marketing methods (various direct mail campaigns) with more cost-effective digital communications strategy. Introduce more aggressive referral campaigns. Leverage well-trained, professional staff to initiate regular telephone customer service outreach to deepen client relationships.

Results: More efficient use of marketing dollars improved ROI. Client retention rates maintained through difficult economic environment.

World Savings World Savings

Problem: Lower interest rates for mortgages puts customer base at significant risk to leave for a different lender.

Solution: Significantly expanded customer communications through all available channels with a consistent message (“don’t make a move until you talk to us”). Expanded repricing options and devolved repricing authority down to supervisory level. Launched a new equity line exclusively for current customers.

Results: World Savings experienced attrition rates that were half those of their competitors throughout the refinancing boom.

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